Creating .vtk-files afterwards under windows


I performed a larger calculation of a LiquidSediment model under Linux. The vtk.-files weren't created at that point intentionally. Having the .bi4-files, now I want to create the .vtk-files afterwards under windows.
Can someone give me advice on how to build the corresponding .bat-file?
Thank you very much in advance!


  • Hi Falco,

    what I generally do is modifing the "dualsphysics.bat" files,,, basically I copy out these bits that related to partvtk ... and save it into a new bat file ... then it is possible to rewrite vtk files from the .bi files I hope that helped ....
  • Hi,

    thank you very much for your answer, but I don't get what you mean.
    I can't figure out the correct commands in the .bat-file, so that the bat.-file only accesses the .bi4-files creating the fluid.vtk's and sediment.vtk's.
    If I only copy the .bat-file from a similar model, it overwrites the existing .bi4-files, because it wants to compute the whole model from the beginning (since my output without the .vtk's is 260 GB large, it's very annoying when the .bat-file deletes/overwrites it).
  • You should remove the command lines of the .bat file that you do not need.... like the ones that clears the output folder, runs GenCase and runs DSPH...

    Only include PartVTK execution in the bat file...

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