Impose velocity field

Hi all,

Do you know if there is currently a way to impose the velocity of particules in a specific region of the simulation ?
A bit like here I guess:



  • XML_v4.0_GUIDE pages(46-48)
    you can impose initial velocity for specified mkfluid particles. after t=0 the particles will follow the motion and the velocity will avry according to the simulation.
  • Hey Ahsry,

    Yeh I know about that. But my goal is to create a steady current in a channel.
  • Dear all, that new functionality will be included in the new release:
    - v4.3 that will be a beta version for delegates of the
    - v4.4 that will be released late 2018 or 2019
  • Thanks !
  • I saw the video again, I think I got it. this is different also from periodic inflow/outflow conditions (which I've read it will be also available in future releases). this gonna help simulating wave flumes that use current+waves. the second one gonna help simulating several open channel flow cases (fixed flow rate can be imposed).

    Really, all appreciation deserved to DualSPHysics team.
  • Thanks a lot
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