How to input a data set of Particle positions?

edited July 2018 in DualSPHysics v4.2
Hello, I'm a Ocean&Mechanic engineer living in South Korea.

How to input a data set of Particle positions which is manually-user-customized?
Is there any possible way without primitive geometry tag .. and CAD files(VTK, STL, PLY)? It's a kind of auto-generating function particles as I know.

I'm looking for your advise,
Thank you.


  • DualSPHysics needs as input files:
    - Case.xml that you can generate by hand since only the last parts are needed
    - Case.bi4 that can be also created by you following the example of how to create and load files in “ToVtk”.
    This code is provided to show how to load and interpret particle data, how to read .bi4 files and how to create .vtk or .csv files.
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