FlowTool and Floatings

Hello everyone,

I recently used the flowtool tool with a simulation with floatings and it gave me inconclusive results (no flow detected, zeros in every column). Did anyone encountered the same problem ?

I have already used the flowtool with succes in other simulations without floatings. So I'm wondering whether the flowtool is compatible with floatings or not ? Or if I need to specify more infos when calling the flowtool (for exemple the mk of the fluid even though it is not described in the help file of the flowtool) ?



  • have you tried exactly the same case with and without floatings?
    please try and tell us what happens

  • Thanks Alex,

    It didn't work either... So I've figured I was doing something wrong and different from other simulations.
    It was the boxfile. It appears that the points should be given in a specific fashion.
    I was doing clockwise bottom points and then up points when I should have done counter-clockwise bottom then up.
    Didn't think this could make such a difference (don't think it was written anywhere in help section).

    So all is good now ! Thanks again !

  • Good news.
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