Moving points for MeasureTool's height option


First I would like to show my appreciation for the forum as it has really been helping me with some other details. But I could not find the solution for this one.

I'm currently running some 2D sloshing simulations where the whole tanks moves in a sinusoidal horizontal motion. I was able to use the -saveposmotion command from BoundaryVTK to generate a list of points for the whole simulation, and was also able to use it to compute the pressure on the boundary walls.

But I'm still not able to compute the heights for those points.

Any enlightenment would be really appreciated


  • To compute heights you need a list of points (POINTSLIST) or a gauge, not only the time series of position x,y,z.
    Take a look to examples/others/GaugeSystem
  • Thanks for the response,

    I had not seen the GaugeSystem example, I'll take a look
  • If you still have problems, please email us to and send your files, so we can modify the example for you.

  • Thanks, I really appreciate the help.

    What should I put on the subject?
    Also, just the XML files with the definitions of the cases would be sufficient?

    Thanks again
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