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Hi guys!

Sorry if this is a basic question, but here goes. I am simulating this quite simple 2d case with Z-periodicity and normal gravitation:

After finishing my simulation I'd like to use the measure tool and find the velocity of the fluid going past the red line (ie. grid points, it is horizontal).

I am trying to do this using DualSPHysics Freecad addon and I am inserting following in the program:

It generates the file but it says that at alle times all velocities are equal to zero, which is not correct of course.

Could anyone of you kindly show me where my mistake lies?

Kind regards Ahmed


  • OUPUT FORMAT as VTK and plot the positions where you are measuring. Perhaps the points are not defined where you want... Try that first

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    Thank you for the suggestion, Alex. You were completely right, in FreeCad I had been using millimeters for dimensioning my case, but in the MeasureTool the input should be in meters, so had to change 350 to 0.350 and so on.

    In the proces I think I discovered some kind of "bug" since in ParaView I get these numbers (which look very valid)

    But when opened in Excel it for some reason insta converts the values even though it doesn't regard it as numbers in format:

    Just a small note, probably not much to do about it, but just in case others wondered why they get some very extreme "outliers".

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