GPU simulation doesn't finish


I'm new to DualSPHysics and started with the given CaseDamBreak3D.
I use FreeCAD as GUI and work Win10x64.

The GPU-Simulation seems to work, as you can see in the screenshot below, according to the information in "Details". However, the simulation itself doesn't finish (it stops at 99,33 %), I have to cancel it (I waited an hour beforehand). The visualization in ParaView works as well.

Does someone know why the simulation won't be completed although it seems to be finished? And might that be a problem in parts of the simulation which I don't see/use yet?

Thank you in advance!
Best regards.



  • Dear Falko

    It seems to be only a problem in the percentage message, but the simulation finishes ok.
    We will check this in case there is a bug.


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