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First time, I run the DUALSPHYSICS 40s, generating Part_0040.bi4. Later, I want to keep on running 20s on the previous basis. Can I start from Part_0040.bi4?


  • My suggestions assume that you are using a GPU and are running Windows...

    First, change the case XML to use 20 seconds of simulation time: <parameter key="TimeMax" value="20.0" comment="Time of simulation" units_comment="seconds" />

    Next, copy the batch script, and give the copy a descriptive name - I just replace "_out" with "_Continue". Inside that batch script, you need to refer to the directory where the first 40s of results are stored, and then to a new directory where the next 20s of results will be stored. For example:

    set name=CaseExample
    set dirout=%name%_out
    set dircontinue=%name%_Continue

    IMPORTANT: so as to not accidentally delete your old results, change the old lines which can create or remove dirout to dircontinue. For example:

    if exist %dircontinue% del /Q %dircontinue%\*.*
    if not exist %dircontinue% mkdir %dircontinue%

    Finally, you will need to tell DualSPHysics where to look for the old results and where to put the new results:

    %dualsphysics% %dirout%/%name% %dircontinue% -svres -gpu -partbegin:Part_040 %dirout%
    if not "%ERRORLEVEL%" == "0" goto fail

    Now you can execute the batch script CaseExample_Continue.bat. According to this example, the 20s continuation of this run will be stored in a new directory called CaseExample_Continue.
  • Thank you very much!
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