Placement of the Pressure Probes

I have a query regarding how to calculate pressure values. I read in guide that the pressure probe should be placed at 1.5h distance away from the boundary.
(h = coefh*sqrt(3*dp^2) = coefh*dp*sqrt(3))

But in example "5_CASESLOSHING", in the file __Sloshing_Rotation.ods, value of 1.5h is given as 0.0039.

But on calculating by using above formula (given dp = 0.002; coeffh = 0.91924) 1.5h is equal to 0.00318.

Can you tell me why the value is different. Or should I use different formula


  • The value may be different since we could have changed resolution (dp) without updating the value of 1.5h
  • edited April 2018
    Got it.

    But the thing is, I have been calculating pressure value according to the given instructions but the pressure values are not converging.

    Here is the video of the sloshing simulation:

    Here is link to the graph for pressure values for different particle size:

    Can you tell what could be the issue here?
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