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Dear DualSPHysics community,

I am working on a case of floating object. And I have successfully imported a complex structure into the case 8_CASEFLOATING. But after the simulation, I found out that in the part_out file, the complex floating structure became a rough approximation of the original model. I think it is caused by the parameter dp in the xml file. It is too large to depict the structure. But I encountered an array error when I assigned a smaller value for dp. And i believe even if i solved the problem of array out of bound, the calculation time will not be acceptable.

So my problem is that how to use smaller dp for the floating object while using larger dp for the liquid?

Many thanks.


  • Yes, that's a big problem. I also encountered the same problem as you said, especially when the floating object is complex and small compared to the whole computational domain. Since we create the particles of computational domain and floating object based on the same value of dp, if we set a big dp value then the floating object cannot be perfectly represented ; if we set a small dp value then the particles for the whole domain increases exponentially, that's not we want to see.
  • The current version of the code does not support various dp size.
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