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First of all I have to thank you because every time I've posted a question I've received a quick and useful answer from the people at dualsphysics so I just want to say I appreciate that.

Now, I've been having some doubts with the measuring tool, specifically with getting the max height. I tried using the commands on the HELP file, but I just can't seem to get it right. Whenever I use -height[:] with my points file I get the height for the points I have. So for example, if I have the point 0,3,2 I'll just get height 2 for every time step which makes sense, but is not what I'm after. Tried the same with -heightlimit:. So my question here is how do I input my command so that I get the max height.

Moreover, I don't really understand the use of -particlesmk: because I was asked for an xml file everytime I used that command and I'm not sure how a template for this would look or how I am supposed to input such file. Same happened while trying to calculate mass.

Son to summarize it, I want to calculate max height and mass, but I'm haven't figure out how. I have tried, however.

Thank you again!


  • You have to follow our examples.
    In order to compute -height you always have to define a list of points: POINTSLIST in the text file
    #BeginX BeginY BeginZ
    #StepX StepY StepZ
    #CountX CountY CountZ

    I short explanation can be found in PostprocessingCalculations_v4.pdf:
    To compute maximum height the tool will evaluate values of mass at a column of points for each X,Y position.

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    I have been trying to use the measure tool again I just can't seem to get it working. I have used it previously but now I'm using it again and I just keep running into the same error

    I use the following command
    EXECS\MeasureTool4_win64.exe -points Casos\Rectangular\Resultados\puntoslista -savecsv Casos/Resultados/Resultados.csv -dirin Casos\Rectangular\Resultados

    Just to try and get some results and I keep getting the following error
    Text: Variable 'Pos' is not defined in list of valid variables [Idp,3:Posd,3:Vel,Rhop,Press,Mass,Vol,Type,Mk,3:Ace,3:Vor,Kcorr].

    I tried giving it an specific variable as well adding -vars:press at the end but still got the same error
  • Just to try and get some results and I keep getting the following error
    Text: Variable 'Pos' is not defined in list of valid variables [Idp,3:Posd,3:Vel,Rhop,Press,Mass,Vol,Type,Mk,3:Ace,3:Vor,Kcorr].

    That error is solved in the v4.2, that will be release before the end of the year

  • Thanks

    Is there anyway I can change my inputs or is it just a random error? Because otherwise I am not able to get results
  • Hi
    I am relatively new to DualSPHysics and i have the same problem with measure tool (DualSPHysics V4).
    when I run the code on my Laptop (with a Nvidia Gforce GT 635M) it takes more time (about one day) to run, but the run finishes without any error. when I run the code on a more powerful PC (with a Nvidia Geforce GTX 1060 6 GB), the run finishes faster (about 4 hours), but it encounters an error at the end of the run (I can have Paraview representation of the simulation, the problem is just related to measuretool) . I don't know if this problem is solved in V4.2 or not.
    I appreciate any idea to solve the problem.
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