DEM Rigid Particles

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Hello DSPH community,

CASEDEM shows an example of SPH-DEM simulation where solid rigid particles were created one by one using draw command. In my case I need hundreds of rigid bodies and it's annoying to create them manually. Is there any better way to generate them?



  • You have to create one by one: manually or reading from an STL (or external file). But you have to assign them different "mk" values in order to simulate them as separate objects

  • Thanks for your response Alex. Most of the DEM codes allow automatic generation of rigid particles by simply writing few lines of codes. Any plan to incorporate this feature in the future?

  • Hi Alex. I want to create 10000 solid rigid particles in SPH-DEM using drawsphere command, but the maximum mkconfig boundcount is 240. How can I create 10000 solid spheres in DEM-SPH simulation?
  • New version, we are working on right now, will have the option to create more boundary objects.
    We hope to release it this month. If we can not finish the documentation, we will release the code anyway in the next days and we will upload the documentation and tutorials later.

  • Hi Alex! Did you consider the coupling between the Yade(DEM) and SPH? So operation of the modules of the DEM could be easier.
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