Wave interaction with floating bodies

The study of a floating body subjected to a wave packet is validated with experimental data. The floating body is a rectangular prism 10 cm long, 5 cm high and 29 cm wide, with density relative to water being 0.68. The mass of the body is 0.986 kg in 3D, but the simulation is performed in 2D. The setup of the experiment is shown in the upper panel of the figure. The figure also shows the time history of the flap wavemaker angle used to generate the wave packet. At the focusing point the wave packet is quite steep and has a height equal to the body. Then, a nonlinear behaviour is observed in both the resulting wave evolution and the body motion.

During the experiments the wave elevation was recorded by two fixed probes; one before the location of the body (x=1.16m) and other after the body (x=2.66m) and the comparison with numerical results is shown, confirming the correct generation and propagation of the wave packet. In addition, the SPH time histories of the floating body motions (sway and heave) are compared with the experimental data. 


More information about the experiment in:

Hǎdzić I, Hennig J, Peric M, Xing-Kaeding Y, 2005. Computation of flow-induced motion of floating bodies. Applied Mathematical Modelling 29, 1196–1210.