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I've been working on the rising bubble test case and I just want to double check if the way I'm setting the initial configuration is correct. The problem includes a cavity (bound) and two fluids (air bubble and surrounding water). This is my XML for the part configuration:

setshapemode>actual | bound
setdrawmode mode="full" />
setmkfluid mk="0" name="water" />
point x="0.0" y="0.0" z="0.0" />
size x="0.15" y="0.15" z="0.25" />
setmkfluid mk="1" name="air" />
drawsphere radius="0.025">
point x="0.075" y="0.075" z="0.05" />
shapeout file="bubble" />
setmkbound mk="0" name="cavity" />
boxfill>bottom | top| left | right | front | back
point x="0.0" y="0.0" z="0.0" />
size x="0.15" y="0.15" z="0.25" />

Does the XML file make sense? I wonder if water particles and air particles are overlapping? Does DualSPHysics consider particles with same spacial coordinates under the same fluid block? I don't find an easy way of defining the water domain with a "hole" and then add the water domain.


Kind regards, ida a.


  • You can NOT simulate those two fluids with the only version of DualSPHysics.
    You need to define for each phase; different speed of sound, different density, different gamma and you also need to modified the governing equations and equation of state!
  • Hi Alex,
    I've been developing a multi-phase code and I've been in touch with Athanasios too. I'm aware of the limitations of v4.0.
    My question was mainly to do with the way I'm setting the configuration in the XML file. Could you please clarify if the way I'm doing it's ok and I won't have particles overlapping?
    Thanks for the feedback. ida a.
  • Ahhhh ok, Sorry.

    In the XML particles will be created depending on the order you are defining your objects. If you define some points initially with mkfluid=0 but later some of those positions coincide with mkbound=20... finally points at those positions will be created only with the features of mkbound=20.
    What I mean is that the order is important and particles are created following that order, no overlapping

  • Makes sense. I will double check things then. Many thanks, Alex.
  • Hi,
    I was wondering if you have any ideas on how I can simulate a multiphase (water-air) flow with DualSPhysics. I know version v4.0 does not incorporate, but how do you managed to do this? Gr Yous
  • Next month or december we are going to release v4.2 with multiphase code

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