How to make the PointsPos.csv and Points.txt

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i want to use the MeasureTool v4.0.020 to generate the Pressure.csv , Velocity.csv and Height_xxxx.vtk files. However, according to the v4.0 user guide, it is necessary to input the PointsPos.csv and Points.txt as the input files of the MEASURETOOL code. My question is how can i make these two kinds of input files, is there any templates of these two files?

the detailed error information after executing the MEASURETOOL code is following:
*** Exception: The configuration of interpolation points is invalid.
Execution aborted.

thank you very much


  • In the folder HELP you can find examples of this:

    Or if you read the help of MeasureTool4:
    -pointstemplate Creates example file to be used with -points or -pointspos
  • Alex, thank you very much.
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    Alex, I try to use Pointspos to capture pressure in sloshing case but it doesn't work and static. could you help me about this matter I have been tried but still it doesn't work


    my batch file
    %measuretool% -dirin %dirout% -pointspos press.csv -onlytype:-all,+fluid -vars:-all,+press,+kcorr -kcusedummy:0 -kclimit:0.5 -savevtk %dirout%/press-2 -savecsv %dirout%/press-2

    my csv file
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    problem are solved..
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