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Suggested values for wave propagation
  • - Maximum size of the domain should be 2-3 times wavelength
    - Resolution; dp should be H/10 being H wave height.
    - In the XML you should use:
    coefh value="1.2 to 1.5"
    StepAlgorithm value="2"
    Kernel" value="2"
    ViscoTreatment value="1"
    Visco value="0.01"
    ViscoBoundFactor value="0"
    DeltaSPH value="0"
  • I have a question about the maximum size of the domain, in the C.Altomare's paper(2015). A 35m wave tank was modelled and good agreement was obtained with theoretical results, how to account for it, thank you.
  • Altomare's paper(2015)??
    Do you mean the proceedings of SPHERIC2015:

    there H=0.1, T=1.3s, d=0.27 which leads to L=1.89m
    waves are going to be propagated properly for 3*1.89=5.67m

    a wave tank of 4m is used (less than 5.67m) where a dissipative beach and sponge layer are introduced to avoid reflection

    the wave tank of 35m is only used for checking since reflection is avoided for many senconds...

    so as mentioned; 2-3 times wavelength is the maximum domain size where waves are well propagated
  • Yes,it is. I established a wave tank with length 35m,parameters setted as above, there are many particles out ,which was beyond my expectation. Can you help me take a look at it?
  • Sorry rieck I can not see you parameters
    Note that this case is the same as provided in the package!!!
    You only have to follow CaseWaves_REG.
    But once again you have to create only wave tanks of 2-3 times the wavelength... we created a tank of 35 m but we only compute wave heights at x=2m

  • Ok, I will try it again.Thank you

    Best Regards
  • Hi
    Consider we want to measure Pressure at this problem of wave propagation.
    1) By setting DeltaSPH value="0", then Pressure OSCILLATION occurs.
    2) Is it better to use "laminar+SPS" instead of "artificial viscosity"?

  • If you want to measure pressure then, you can use DeltaSPH.
    Please read the guide about DeltaSPH where advantages of disadvantes of our implementation for simulating wave propagation is described

  • Thanks!
    Where can I find the guide about DeltaSPH?
    Would you please answer my 2nd question?
  • The User Guide.
    You should use artificial viscosity with the suggested value 0.01
  • Thanks Alex!
    What is wrong with using "SPS" instead of "artificial"?

    Too much thanks!
  • Dear friends !

    I'm new to DualSPHysics, from the previous comments may I consider defining my domain as 1/10th of the actual domain ? if wave height, wave length and Depth are 3.5m, 112m and 17m, shall I consider them as 0.35, 11.2 (Tank size of 35m) and depth 1.7m?? similarly do we need to calculate other parameters like Tp, viscosity etc., ?

    Further, Any video tutorials for creating the domain ?

    waiting for your valuable replies.

    Thanks in Advance.
  • You are completely confused

    You can create the domain you want, please read carefully again:

    - Maximum size of the domain should be 2-3 times wavelength
    - Resolution; "dp" should be H/10 being H wave height.
  • Hi Alex
    I want ask for wave propagation case can increased coefh for more than 1.5?because I was used for case with domain more than 2-3 times and I used coefh = 2 but result still have discrepancy with experiment. is there any limitation for coefh for use in wave propagation case?
  • If your domain is higher than 3 times the wavelength you are going to experiment wave decay independently on the size of h