Single phase solver only suitable for water simulation?

Hey guys!

I am using DualSPHysics to do a simulation with a floating object which is first moving in water and then in air. When I do it with water (rhop = 1000, gamma = 7, relativeweight=1.3) then every thing is working fine. But if I change the fluid to air I start loosing a lot of particles very fast (rhop = 1.18, gamma = 1.4, relativeweight=1101.7).

So how should I go about changing the parameters if I want to simulate air instead of water in single phase? I've tried massbody for floating, but it hasn't really worked for me, since that when I use water the massbound is: 1e-6, but when I use air it suddenly becomes 1e-9 even though I use the correct massbound. In the water sim I see that I have:

36811 particles * 0.000001 kg = 0,036811kg

And I insert this as:

Am I doing something wrong?

I found a temporary solution in using the MultiPhysics branch and just using one fluid (air) only, but wanted to know if it is possible in single phase solver to do instead.

Kind regards
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