When I run the example DEM_14 CaseBowling, I just changed the dimension from 2D to 3D, but the error was as follows. Could you tell me why?

Allocated memory in CPU: 218095914 (207.99 MB)
Allocated memory in GPU: 442436136 (421.94 MB)
Part_0000 2300779 particles successfully stored

[Initialising simulation (qudrvbgx) 09-07-2018 20:49:44]
PART PartTime TotalSteps Steps Time/Sec Finish time
========= ============ ============ ======= ========= ===================
Exception (JSphGpuSingle::Interaction_Forces)
Text: Failed in reduction of viscdt. (CUDA error: unspecified launch failure).

*** Exception (JSphGpuSingle::Interaction_Forces)
Text: Failed in reduction of viscdt.


  • can you please try to execute the same case with less particles to check if the error persists?
    can you also to try the same case without using DEM just to see if the problems comes from there?

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