A wrong floating gravity

Dear Sir:
I wonder why a floating gravity I measure is wrong. Gravity is not equal to 9.8 times mass when the floating body falls freely in the air .Thank you.


  • Hi sunzhen,
    please have a look at this:

    The "cannonball" is a simple falling waterdrop simulated with dualsphysics.
    The distance between the falling sphere and the ground (the box) is 2 m,
    in the input xml I set gravity to z=-40 m/s^2 to speed up the move.
    Theory: speed at explosion 12,65 m/s, paraview shows 12,3 m/s.
    Rough point-cloud. In my opinion result acceptable.
  • Hi Sunzhen,
    Please give us more details.
    Can you suggest a case to run (send to us the XML file)
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