Shoud I change the model size due to the 1.5*h gap?

edited May 2018 in DualSPHysics_v4.0
Hi all,
I simulated a water entry problem with DualSPHysics. But I noticed that a small gap between fluid and boundary particles always occured, especially when the particle distance is large. After reading User Guide, it said 1.5*h is set between fluid and boundary particles. I'm confused that when I build the geometric model, should I shrink or enlarge the model's boundary size with 1.5*h in order to fit the exact size of my original model?
Thank you very much!


  • We indicate that the size of the gap is 1.5*h just in case you want to compute sthg at the boundary wall... since the computation should be done 1.5*h far from the wall in order to have the fluid domain in the vicinity of the kernel

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