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Hi all,

unfortunatelly I am not able to get DualSPHysics 4.2 running on my GPU. Version 4.0 still runs fine. I installed the latest toolkit version 9.1 (I also tried 9.0 and the older versions). I also updated the drivers several times. I have a Geforce GT 630 on my desktop. It seems to recognize the GPU and lists it in the run.out.
The error message I get is the following:
Exception (JSphGpuSingle::ConstatsDataUp)
Text: Failed copying constants to GPU. (CUDA error:: invalid device symbol).
Any ideas??? Thank you for your help !!!


  • Yout GPU has a compute capability of 2.1

    As you can read in:

    Supported CUDA level of GPU and card. See also at Nvidia:

    CUDA SDK 6.5 support for compute capability 1.0 – 5.x (Tesla, Fermi, Kepler, Maxwell). Last version with support for compute capability 1.x (Tesla)
    CUDA SDK 7.5 support for compute capability 2.0 – 5.x (Fermi, Kepler, Maxwell)
    CUDA SDK 8.0 support for compute capability 2.0 – 6.x (Fermi, Kepler, Maxwell, Pascal). Last version with support for compute capability 2.x (Fermi)
    CUDA SDK 9.0/9.1 support for compute capability 3.0 – 7.x (Kepler, Maxwell, Pascal, Volta)

    So you have to:
    - use other GPU with higher compute capability
    - install lower version of CUDA and compile including your compute capability

  • Hi Alex, thank you so much for that hint. It helped a lot. I finally was able to comple DualSphysics for the GPU again with version 4.2. Thanks!!!

    For those who are also not keen buying a new graphics card with higher compute cababilities. This is what I did:

    - Updated to VS 2015 (I had VS 2010)
    - Installed the latest capable Cuda package (version 8.0 in my case)
    - Modiefied all enties that were related to cuda 9.1 to cuda 8.0 in DualSPHysics4Re.vcxproj
    - then I was able to load the project and compile it for the CPU
    - for the GPU compitation I had to modify all CodeGeneration entries in DualSPHysics4Re.vcxproj for example I edited: compute_30 back to compute_20 as it was the case in version 4.0

    I hope that helps ... Best H
  • samsam
    edited May 2018
    Hi hansolooo,

    Were you able load the "DualSPHysics4Re_vs2015.sln" file to your VS2015? When I open it in my VS2015, it does not show any project file. Any idea what I am doing wrong? The file size of DualSPHysics4Re_vs2015.sln is only 2 kb that tells me it has probably nothing in it.
  • Please ignore my earlier comment. It is resolved now. Thanks.
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