Ghost boundary condition

first thank you so much for putting so much work into the new release of DualSPHysics!!! Many many thanks.

I went through the guide several times, but I might have overread it. Are ghost boundary conditions implemented in version 4.2?
I couldnt find any description for that....

I just found a hint for their potential implementation in the 15_Poiseuille flow case down in the the parameter section of the _def: .... parameter key="BoundaryMethod" value="1" comment="1:Dynamic BC 2:Ghost Particle BC (Adami) (default=0)" ....

Thank you for clarification !!!

Best H


  • we are working on a version of the code that uses Ghost particles with Adami's correction, but it is not included now in this release...

    What happened is that this XML includes that line because we have been testing the Poiseuille flow with different boundary conditions where we found good results with the others BCs without the need of using high resolution as we have to with DBC

    sorry for that mistake... but the v4.2 alway uses DBC


  • Dear Alex,
    thank you so much for clarification and you help!!!
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