what tool (two_phase or liquid_gas) is suitable for solving the problem

single rising bubble?
The bubble is located inside fluid with density = 1000 kg/m3
density of bubble is 100 or 1 kg/m3

Is possible simulate Rayleigh–Taylor instability with DualSPHysics?


  • I am afraid I do not know what is the two_phase tool you are referring to.
    The liquid_gas can simulate a single rising bubble. It should be possible to do the Rayleigh-Taylor as well, since the liquid_gas can simulate a heavier and lighter liquid, but SPH simulations need an initial perturbation, see e.g. Grenier et al. 2009
  • Many thanks,

    two_phase tool means == DualSPHysics v3.4 LiquidSediment which is described in
    document "Examples_twophases.pdf"
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