mass of boundary particle

Hi Alex and other teammates:

For the SPH summation operators, I aware that the term m_j appear in the summation operator, where m_j is the mass of the neighbouring particle j.

May I know what value should we use for m_j, if j is a boundary particle (fixed wall/floating)?

From the code, I aware that for fixed wall boundary, the value of "massbound" specified in the XML file is used, where massbound is equal to "massfluid". Any reason why?

Also, what is the "massbound" for floating object particle?

Thanks and looking for your advise.


  • massbound=massfluid=dp*dp*dp*density

    in the case of floating bodies, the mass of each particle of the floating body will be the total mass / number of floating particles

    new version 4.2 will include more information about this

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