Duplicated boundary nodes

Dear all:

I have recently downloaded V4.0 and attempted to understand the input file of CaseDambreak_Def.xml (1st tutorial).

From the following commands appeared in the input file of GenCase, I aware that we create the "building structure" first ( top | left | right | front | back), followed by the front wall (left), which is undergoing impact from the water particles.

My question is:
From the input file, we have generated the particles on the LEFT face twice (with different mk values), aren't we? In that case, would there be any problems for the solver side (force summation) when we deal with "duplicated" boundary particles (on the LEFT wall)?

Can you please clarify on my doubts? Please correct me if I interpret the input file wrongly.

Commands in CaseDambreak_Def.xml


top | left | right | front | back



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