Modifying Particles Volume

I want to know is it possible to change the volume of a set of particles in a specified sub-domain?


  • the volume is computed using the mass and the initial particle distribution, which now is uniform in the system
  • thanks for replying
    so we cant change the mass or the initial distribution of particles?
  • Hi

    In principle yes you can, but by changing the mass you must be a bit more careful since you might need a variable smoothing length formulation

  • thank you for helping
    can I ask in which Function in Source code I should modify the mass of particles?
  • There is no a only function where you modify the mass of particles...
    different mass can be achieved by using different smoothing lenght...

    That means that kernel sizes, neighbour list and neighbour search is completely different

    Variable smoothing length, so that variable mass, so that variable resolution is not as simple as modifying one function

    For more information you can read papers about variable resolution in SPH methodology

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