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Exception (JStlFile::IsBinaryFile)
  • Hi All,

    First thanks for your efforts on this great tool.

    I'm working up the learning curve at the moment (aka newb) but have hit a snag with the DesignSPHysics (using version 0.4.1711-02) with FreeCAD v 0.16.

    I can create, CaseGen and run simulations using primitive shapes but as soon as I perform any operations on the shapes, or import an STL into DesignSPHysics CaseGen will not run it.

    Even when I load and run CaseGen on the initials_example model casedata.dsphdata which comes as part of the test-examples in the download package.

    I get the following;

    OmpThreads: 4

    List: MAIN

    Total operations: 12
    [LoadXML-End time:0.000s]

    Mk size: 1 bytes
    Case limits: (0.3,0.3,-0.05) - (3.3,2.3,1.95)
    Distance between points: 0.06
    Case domain: (0,0,0)-(49,32,32)
    Domain points: 50 x 33 x 33 = 54450
    Case parts: 1 x 33z
    Memory: 0.00Gb 0.05Mb (54450)

    > MAIN

    *** Exception (JStlFile::IsBinaryFile)
    Text: Cannot open the file.
    File: casing.stl

    I completely recognize the comment that its Beta but was wondering If there something I'm doing wrong - given event the test example wont CaseGen.

    Thanks in advance for any support.
  • Please, check first that file "casing.stl" is in the folder you want.
    If you have still problems, please contact with Andrés Viera (contact details in

  • The "casing.stl" is in the same directory as the casedata.dsphdata file which is where I presume it's supposed to be.

    I'll email Andres Viera as suggested.

    Thanks for your help Alex.