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New release of v4.2
  • Only delegates of the 3rd DualSPHysics Users Workshop had access to the BETA version of NEW RELEASE 4.2:
    The official release will be public by January 2018

  • Looking forward to the new release, by the way, are there any new features adding into the code in the new release? Hope the new release is worth waiting.
  • Novelties on v4.2:

    • Several bugs are solved
    Bugs reported by users
    Shifting correction

    • Multiphase code: LiquidGas
    Source code and examples.

    • New capacity to simulate more than 65,000 floating or moving bodies
    Pre-processing and post-processing tools are adapted to this.
    Compiling option for this functionality

    • Wave generation and absorption
    2nd Order Stokes: piston and flap
    Passive absorption using sponge layers
    Active absorption: AWAS for piston

    • New post-processing tools
    MeasureBoxes.exe; to compute inflow, outflow… overtopping!
    IsoSurface.exe; now also creates slices

    • Updated GUI
    DesignSPHysics adapted to v4.2

    • CUDA 8.5
    Beta version now with CUDA 7.5

    • Other changes
    Improvements in the code documentation
    Improved implementation of floating to facilitate coupling with other models
    New functionalities in the XML of GenCase to create more complex cases
    New output VTK file one thousand times less heavy to easily visualise huge cases

    • New license of the code:
    LGPL v2.1- GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL)
    - Software can be incorporated into both free software and proprietary software
    - Developers and companies can integrate LGPL software into their software without being required to release the source code of their own software-parts
    - Libraries linked to DualSPHysics can be closed source
    - LGPL can be used in commercial applications
  • Feel pity to unable participate the workshop, looking forward to the new release later. Does the new version can deal with non-Newtonian fluid?
  • Can't download it, for can't sign in. Waiting for the new version.
  • Only participants of the last 3rd DualSPHysics Users Workshop have details to donwload the beta version, but new version will be released in a couple of months for the whole community.

  • Other novelty of the release will the use of GIT repository!!!!
    More in early 2018

    Merry Chirstmas
  • Merry Christmas and Happy New YEAR
  • Any updates on the release of the new version? Thanks.
  • March 2018 is the new date for release
  • Thank you so much for the update.
  • What should I do if I want to simulate more than a million floatings?

    Also, will the new version include the Surface Tension?