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Non-Newtonian fluids and boundary conditions
  • Greetings!
    Thank you for your attention!
    I'm using this software to do some simulations of non-Newtonian.But there some question.
    1.Is it necessary to create two liquids to use non-Newtonian fluid model? How to establish a non-Newtonian fluid model?
    2.A very important issue is that there is no friction between non-Newtonian fluid and the boundary conditions. How to change the friction between the fluid and the boundary conditions the size.(Very important!)
    Looking forward to your reply!
  • Hi,

    1) if you know what your non-Newtonian model is you should have its characteristics like yield stress, (and if it is Birmingham /shear think-thickening etc ) you just need to add these in the xml, actually you could have 2 non-Newtonian fluids or two Newtonian that is up to you and how you set up your parameters. if in doubt pm/email me

    2)That might be a bug by the sound of it, but, I remember had a look on the no-slip between the wall and the NN phase.
    We also did some tests for a very well known case and the results came back ok,

    What are you trying to simulate? pm/email me please but we are very busy at this point so it might be a few days before you get an answer,

    Thank you