Will some functionalities (adding floating bodies) be enabled in the multi-phase (soil-water) case?

edited November 2017 in DualSPHysics_v4.0
Hi DualSPHysics developers, since some functionalities (such as adding floating bodies) disabled in the current multi-phase (soil-water) case and what I am doing now is related to the object movement between the water-soil interface. So will the following Version 4.2 enable this functionality?


  • Hi @zilonglee , have you solved your problem?
  • I am not developer, but:
    This option is disable in BETA 4.0 version.
    See Guide_CaseTwoPhases.pdf (Two-phase liquid-sediment implementation in DualSPHysics) page 3
  • We are working towards a multi-phase (soil-water) and FBs however it is not going to be on v4.2, apologies.

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