Stress Tensor

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Is it possible to compute the Stress Tensor (in the SPS model) using the PartVTK tool?


  • No... but you can modify ToVTK files to include that computation for your purpose.

  • Thanks Alex!
    Would you mind please help me on this?
    I am not familiar with the code.
  • Amir, in addition to looking at main.cpp in ToVtk4, Question 23 from the FAQ may be helpful to you:

    23. How can I store new properties of the particles (e. g. Temperature)?

    The new file format (.bi4) and the post-processing tools have been designed to include new properties defined by the user for its own implementation. The function JSph::SavePartData() already includes an example of how to store new particle data. Then, the post-processing codes will automatically manage all variables included in the .bi4 files.
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