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I have been trying to model a channel using an STL file and I've successfully done it once. However, with two other geometries I have not been able to. Whenever I create my particles with a drawbox or fillbox command I do not have problems. However, when I try to use fillprism no particles are created.

Is there anything particular one should know about the fillprism command?

Since I am using a 7% slope channel, I have also tried to use the fillbox command but I cant seem to rotate the boundary box.

fillprism x="0" y="1" z="0"
point x="-1" y="0.1" z="-1"/>
point x="1" y="0.1" z="-1"/>
point x="1" y="0.1" z="1"/>
point x="-1" y="0.1" z="1"/>
point x="-1" y="19.9" z="-2.7"/>
point x="1" y="19.9" z="-2.7"/>
point x="1" y="19.9" z="-0.7"/>
point x="-1" y="19.9" z="-0.7"/>

This is the fillprism command im using and it is not creating any fluid particles.

Since I just need to fill the channel, fillbox could also work but I'd need to rotate said box and I can't seem to do that

Thank you!

PS: I took the "<" out of every line because it wouldnt show otherwise


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    If you have too problems creating a complex geo with XML commands, just use other software (for example, FreeCad) and export the file as STL.
    Use later fillbox, since it is easier, you can define a box where your STL is included and particles will be created from internal seed point untill boundary particles of the STL OR the limits of the box.

    See page 45 of XML_v4.0_GUIDE.pdf

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