Inlet Conditions. Create new particles?

edited October 2017 in DualSPHysics_v4.0
Am working in a model and i need to create a constant flow condition. I know that DualSPHysics is not enable to create that kind of inlet condition. My question is, why dualsphysics can't create an inlet condition like flows? for example, create new particles with a velocity field while the model is running to ensure a constant (o variable) flow condition



  • Because it is not implemented
  • Eduardo, what I've been doing as a temporary measure is to use the periodic BC with inflow/outflow gates at either end (defined by series of drawquadri planes). Also, you can apply an external force at the inflow gate in order to control the velocity of the particles coming back to the inlet. I am also in a situation where a constant flow condition would make life much easier. My approach is kind of messy, but is "good enough" for what I am trying to accomplish at the moment.
  • @NWRichmond have you added the inflow/outflow boundary to the code?
    Thanks a lot!
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