How to access neighbors from a boundary particles

edited September 2017 in DualSPHysics_v4.0
Hi, i am using this code to calculate the Interaction Boundary-Fluid and Boundary-Boundary but in only computes to particles which have fluid particles in their neighborhood.

dim3 sgridb=GetGridSize(npbok,bsbound);
KerInteractionForcesBound <<<sgridb,bsbound>>> (npbok,hdiv,nc,begincell,cellzero,dcell,ftomassp,posxy,posz,pospress,velrhop,code,idp,viscdt,ar);

Is there any way to compute this interaction using every boundary particle?


  • there is no need to compute the interaction of boundary particles of the SAME object and for particles of two different solid objects we solve the interaction of boundary particles in terms of DEM model
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