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Coupled motion of rectilinear and rotational
  • Hi all,

    I try run sloshing simulation where the motion of tank is a combination of translation and rotation. Can I know which part needs to modify? I know in DSPH there is certain motion has been included, or how I can couple motion of rectilinear and rotational. Thank you in advance


  • Please check the examples in MOTION folder, that also explained in the Users Guide... there is an example of what you need

  • Dear Dr. Alex thank you for your comment but in this case, I directly impose movement of the tank from an experiment. I use option predefined movement with data from an external file but it limited only rotation or rectilinear only, can I combine this movement?. So what I want to do is coupled between rotation and rectilinear using option external file for prescribe motion of the tank. I also read in FAQ
    does this part is needed to modify?
    Thank you for any help about this matter.

  • yes perhaps, you can combine the motions in advance and compute the final result of those movements.... save the resulting motion in a file and use the option to read external motion from a file

    that is my suggestion now