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  • Is it possible to simulate a ball mill considering the balls (DEM) and water (SPH) with current version of DualSPHysics?
  • Hi
    I have done it as a part of my thesis
  • Hello Amir,

    Could you share a link to download your thesis?
    Did you have articles published about it?

  • You may find tutotial 10_CASEDEM useful. It demonstrates SPH-DEM capability of DSPH.
  • Hello Sam,

    I put motion to simulate the ball mill moviment and I got this mensage below:

    Combining floating and moving objects is not allowed, yet...

    Any suggestion?

  • My thesis is not in English and have not finished it yet.
    The examples in the tutorials are very useful.
  • Hello Amir

    How did you consider the rotation of the ball mill?
    The ball are floating and I got the mensage that is not possible to consider movement and floating.
  • The version 4.0 does not allow free floating and imposed motion of the same object. The next release suppose to include this feature as the developers mentioned somewhere in this forum. However, you can assign initial linear/angular velocity to your floating object if that works for your case. See page 49 in XML guide for details.
  • Tks sam