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particle boundary out
  • Hi

    I am trying to simulate a sloshing tank with linear harmonic motion based on the example given in 5_CASESLOSHING, but I keep getting a error: "Some boundary particle was found outside the domain." with following errors preceding in run.out:
    particle boundary out> type:Moving cause:Speed p:2 id:3 pos:(-0.704000,0.000000,0.002000)
    particle boundary out> type:Moving cause:Speed p:3 id:74 pos:(-0.702000,0.000000,0.000000)
    particle boundary out> type:Moving cause:Speed p:4 id:76 pos:(-0.700000,0.000000,0.000000)
    particle boundary out> type:Moving cause:Speed p:5 id:78 pos:(-0.698000,0.000000,0.000000)

    Which makes no sense since the domain is way bigger:

    If I simulate the sloshing until the point of the error I get the following behaviour: (GIF)
    where I see no reason for sudden errors.

    What is causing the problem?
  • I have already made two "drawpoint" (if you look closely you can see them in the GIF), with the following command:
    setmkbound mk="2"
    drawpoint x="-0.9" y="0" z="-0.1"
    drawpoint x="0.9" y="0" z="0.242"
    and the 2D sloshing tank is only oscillating between +/- 0.708 in the x-direction (only movement there is).
  • Hi

    Please increase the x and z of the these two points, so your domain should be larger.

    Let me know if this helps!
  • Is the domain not what is described under "MapRrealPos", as written in my original post? Anyhow, I increased x and z of the two points and saw unfortunately no change in outcome.

    Since there is no way to attach files in the forum(?), I have copied the most important from the .xml file:
    definition dp="0.002" units_comment="metres (m)">
    pointmin x="-2" y="0" z="-1" />
    pointmax x="2" y="0" z="1" />
    setshapemode>dp | bound
    setdrawmode mode="full" />
    setmkbound mk="0" />
    point x="-0.705" y="-0.1" z="0" />
    size x="1.410" y="0.2" z="0.142" />
    setmkfluid mk="0" />
    fillbox x="0" y="0" z="0.02">
    point x="-0.705" y="-0.1" z="0" />
    size x="1.410" y="0.2" z="0.05" />
    shapeout file="" />
    setmkbound mk="2" />
    drawpoint x="-1.3" y="0" z="-0.5" />
    drawpoint x="1.3" y="0" z="0.642" />
    objreal ref="0">
    begin mov="1" start="0" finish="100" />
    mvfile id="1" duration="100">
    file name="TankMotion.txt" fields="2" fieldtime="0" fieldx="1" />

    The TankMotion.txt holdes the displacement for a harmonic sinusoidal motion with a amplitude of 0.03.
  • Please upload the .xml file and also the TankMotion.txt in google-drive or dropbox. I will work on it.
  • Hi
    I have solved the problem and I have modified these 2 files. I have tested it and it worked with NO problem.
    Please use these files:
  • Thank you for the help. You are right it works now, but I am curious to why. I noticed that you have changed 3 things:
    1) Expanding the domain (pointmin/max, drawpoint)
    2) Changed the boundary and fluid label from 0 and 1 to 60 and 0
    3) Added a column with ones in the motion file

    I do not see how this should work and the original setting does not. Would you care to elaborate?
  • Ah!
    Try changing these parameters one by one. You will find the answer.
    There are some bugs in the code. I hope that the developers fix them as soon as possible!
  • Hi I'm facing the same problem

    "particle boundary out> type:Moving cause:Position p:3059 id:32247 pos:(-1.005213

    *** Exception (JCellDivCpuSingle::LimitsCellBound)
    Text: Some boundary particle was found outside the domain."

    can you help me how to use draw point (where should that be written?)in this context or other options like -domain particle (I tried using them without any respite)

    I also tried increasing the domain without any change in results.

    Thanks in advance

  • Threads by host for parallel execution: 8

    [Initialising JSphCpuSingle v0.70 20-02-2018 18:18:34]
    **Basic case configuration is loaded
    **Special case configuration is loaded
    Loading initial state of particles...

    *** Exception (JBinaryDataArray::GetDataCopy)
    Text: There are not available data in Pointer or FileData.

    Execution aborted.
    Press any key to continue . . .

    I'm alternating between these two errors, this one and the boundary particle moving out, can any one please help me out