I cannot find some .cpp files to compile DualPSHysics

edited July 2017 in DualSPHysics_v4.0
I wanted to compile DualSPHysics but I cannot find them in DualSPHysics_v4.0_Linux_x64.tar.gz.

For example JWaveGen.h includes class JWaveGen declarations, but I cannot find the functions source. It happens the same for other classes.


  • Please accept my apology for this error:
    In first sentence "I wanted to compile DualSPHysics but I cannot find them in DualSPHysics_v4.0_Linux_x64.tar.gz."
    I wanted to say:
    "I wanted to compile DualSPHysics but I cannot all sources in DualSPHysics_v4.0_Linux_x64.tar.gz."
  • File JWaveGen.h (as all sources) contains this legend:

    "DualSPHysics is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
    the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or (at your option) any later version."

    In addition, there are other sources from other developers (randomc) that are released under GPL.

    GPL license enforces to release the sources, not just the binaries.

    DualSPHysics is a great job. However if the lack of sources is confirmed it would mean a violation of the GNU license. I do not think this is intentional. Please take actions to fix this.
  • Hi Luis,

    Pre-Post and some functions may, from time to time not be available as we develop/test the functionality but mostly validate our solver!

    you will have to be patient until we validate and publish these results in order to give you a reliable validated solver..

  • Dear Luis

    We know about that problem.
    In the next release we are going to both: 1) release source code of some precompiled libraries with GPL and 2) use a different license that allows us to release libraries together with source coode

  • Thank you!
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