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SPH Training Day during SPHERIC 2017
  • Supplementary to the SPHERIC 2017 workshop (, a Training Day is offered on the Monday 12th of June, 2017.
    The training is most suitable for researchers who are familiar with the principles of SPH but are beginning their work in the field. More experienced SPH developers and users may find that the training day is a useful opportunity for sharing insights and ideas.

    This session will be organized by the DualSPHysics team. The new Graphical Users Interface for DualSPHysics will be presented. Several practical exercises will be created and executed with DualSPHsics, including examples of the usage of different post-processing tools.

    More information at:
  • Hi Im starting to use dual sphysics, for only CPU implementation is CUDA required to be installed?(I dont have any graphics card installed) I'm using WINDOWS7 and have VC++2010 and 13 versions. Im not able to compile, its showing some CUDA file is missing and hence while running the Executables they are just flashing instantaneously on and off.Thanks a lot for your help
  • Hi @brijithu, if you are just starting to use DualSPHysics, you can use the pre-compiled DualSPHysics executables to run a very wide variety of simulations. You only need to compile from source once you start needing to introduce new features by modifying the source code. You might already be aware of this, but if not, maybe it will save you some time.